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Bleue Liverpool

Resident from 04.01.2021–11.15.2021

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(b. Brooklyn, NY) is a Caribbean-American interdisciplinary artist who uses video, analog film/photography, text and new media techniques to illustrate what she calls diagrammatic equations. Her practice pivots at exploring the convergence of intimate and socio-political experiences of non-western, female-identified Diaspora within port city culture. Initially trained as a documentary filmmaker, she has expanded her practice to produce experimental video essays and multimedia sculptural installations. Her work is informed by Third World Feminist discourse, Afro-Surrealism, Négritude Movement, Fluxus, and the axioms of Euclidean geometry. Liverpool is also part of the audiovisual collective A/B ALTER with the South Korean-Canadian musician Andrew Yong Hoon Lee. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally at Artist Space (NYC), Tanz Im August (Berlin), New Museum (NYC) amongst others. She attended Brooklyn College for Documentary Film Production, was a Mary Ellen Mark Memorial Scholar 18’ at The International Center of Photography and is currently a MFA 22’ candidate at Bard College. Liverpool lives and works between Brooklyn, NYC and Montréal, QC.

(Photo credit: Eunice Adorno)

Bleue Liverpool's residency is supported in part by a grant from mediaThe foundation, inc.