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16mm Cameraless Film Workshop


06.04 - 06.06.2021


PS1 Media Arts Co-op (730 S. Dubuque St.)

with Trevon Jakaar Coleman

pick one of these sessions:
Friday, June 4, 6-7:30pm [BIPOC-only session]
Saturday, June 5, 2-3:30pm
Sunday, June 6, 2-3:30pm
pay-what-you-can: free-$25

In this workshop you will learn how to take easily accessible items, household items, and 16mm film to make your own film art pieces. You will learn a variety of techniques from scratching, or bleaching 16mm film images, hand painting/drawing with nail polish or markers, and dye transfer from magazines with hot water and tape. These pieces can be abstract or meticulously animated using the items at your disposal. This can be a cathartic practice, or a tool of resistance and disruption to conventional narratives. By the end of the workshop, you will have the know-how to sustain your own 16mm filmmaking (camera-less) practice using materials you have right at home.

REGISTER on the PS1 website HERE

Teaching Artist:
Trevon Jakaar Coleman began his artistic career as a caricaturist in 2005. In 2019 Trevon received BFAs in Studio Art and Film Production, from the University of Central Florida. Trevon works in a variety of media: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and film. Trevon now attends University of Iowa, as a Film and Video Production MFA candidate. www.trevonjakaar.com