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WEtransform: Mass Assemblage Workshop with Franchesca Lamarre


03.07 - 03.07.2020
from 01:00 pm to 03:00 pm


Center for Afrofuturist Studies (CAS):
229 N Gilbert St,
Iowa City, IA 52245

Led by Interdisciplinary BlackFuturist Franchesca Lamarre, a workshop in Mass Assemblage honoring all practices that lead to Black futures past and present.

RSVP encouraged: cas@publicspaceone.com

Workshop participants should bring candles and items of ancestral and/or cultural significance relating to their own practice. Items are not limited to letters, photos, jewelry, prose, books, clothing, recordings, brews, and small furniture. Participants will work through an installation based ancestral healing experience and leave contributing to a BlackFuturist sensory playlist. Participants will learn techniques in mass assemblage through installation, and soundscapeing.

Detroit Native Franchesca Lamarre (queencomplexdetroit.com) is a conceptual artist and curator practicing the replacement of power to the Afro-Black community. Not power in a supremacist position but power over autonomy and destination. Through queedome she’s reimagining autonomy for herself and her community. She is an Black-Futurist, hoping to evoke present day thought and action towards obtaining entry into a world unimagined by the Black eye. Her interdisciplinary practices currently include illustration, photography, film, fashion, and literature.